ThinkPad ノートパソコン

ThinkPad on a Budget: Introduction and why ThinkPad?



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Hey there everyone! Over the next few days/weeks/months I will be uploading several videos talking about what ThinkPad laptops are great models to get when you are on a budget. We are mostly going to be focusing on the 2006 – 2012 era of ThinkPads, as these laptops can be found for very cheap and are still useful laptops today. Older ThinkPads from before 2006 are simply too old to be practical anymore, and models from 2013 or newer are starting to get close to new machines that you will have to pay more for, and won’t get as good of a performance per dollar ratio as others. I will discuss some newer models, but we will mainly be focusing on the aforementioned period of ThinkPad laptops. These videos will be geared more towards the average person looking for a cheap but dependable laptop, so while I will touch upon some of the modifications that can be made to these machines I will mostly be sticking to showing laptops that can be purchased fully working or won’t need much work to have a reasonable daily driver. Thanks for watching, and if you want to see the next installments in this series be sure to subscribe!

Link to Part 1 of the ThinkPad extravaganza, comparing IBM ThinkPads to early Lenovo ThinkPads:

Part 2 (Core 2 Duo ThinkPads):

Part 3 (Core i-Series ThinkPads):

Part 4 (The X Series):



-ThinkPad, ノートパソコン


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