Lynel VS Guardian! WORLD PREMIERE! Saturday Morning in Zelda Breath of the Wild DLC



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Link puts on a fight between a Lynel & a Guardian! What’s gonna happen on this Saturday Morning in Hyrule WITHIN Zelda Breath of the Wild?
Nintendo Switch CONSOLE! Viewers CONTEST until the Raffle date REVEAL!
The FIRST 10 Viewers who Comment “I am a Hero” on NEW videos JOIN the GIVEAWAY Raffle!
-No CAPS needed!
-No “I’m” instead of “I am”. Must write: I am a Hero
-EDITED comments will be DISQUALIFIED!
-ANYONE can join and comment FIRST!
-Subscribers with Notifications ON OBVIOUSLY have a better chance to WIN!
-Raffle will happen in the form of a Raffle Ladder Tourney on a LIVE STREAM!
-1 Raffle ticket per viewer so if the same viewer comment first again on another video the next viewer who commented will join the raffle!
-This applies to ALL Nintendo eShop Regions! (USA/Europe/UK/Japan)
-Viewers who get to join the raffle will be added to the video PINNED COMMENT for verification!

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-What I used to record this video?-

Elgato HD Game Capture Card
Zelda Breath of the Wild Wii U | Switch
Nintendo Console: Wii U | Switch

Instagram: Mety333_

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