Dell Inspiron 1300 Part 2 Fixing and Updating after Factory Reset



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After some people restored their computers to factory settings, they weren’t able to connect to the internet because their wireless device somehow lost it’s capabilities after loosing service pack 3 and other updates during the restoration process. Previous to service pack 3, I use to restore my computer to factory settings all the time, but that all came to an end once service pack 3 and a few updates came. Ii can only imagine how many people threw out, sold, sent for repairs their computers cause they didn’t know how to fix it. I felt like it was a trick from Microsoft to get the people to buy what was the new windows 7 back then. So I took the time to make this video to help people that still have their old Dell Ispiron 1300 computers, I hope this helps. Also wanted to help those that still havent restore to factory settings to look at my other video, if they ever need to restore to factory settings: Hope everyone is happy, I am 🙂





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