Creating a Book in Publisher



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How do you start creating a book in Publisher? It’s true that Microsoft’s desktop publishing package isn’t leading the field in the world of design. But you’ve probably got a copy already with your version of Microsoft Office. So why not see what it’s capable of?


Bleed – 2:54
Calculating Spine Width -5:45
Adding Text – 8:35
Format Painter – 10:57
Align text in a text box – 11:53
Contextual Tabs – 11:59
Insert Picture – 12:44
Zoom Shortcut – 13:18
Resizing Pictures – 13:50
Cropping Pictures – 14:15
Stacking order – 17:50
Change text colour – 18:27
Rotating Text – 19:16
Transparent Picture – 19:45
Overset Text – 21:19
Publisher copy and paste text – 22:35
Arrow keys to move objects – 23:00
Paragraph Spacing – 24:11
Lift text off the page – 25:00
Removing Hyphens – 26:56






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