Android Video Editing: Cyberlink PowerDirector Tutorial on Android



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Cyberlink PowerDirector on Android is a great app for creating videos on-the-go. With the right process it’s easy to get awesome results. This Cyberlink PowerDirector Tutorial shows exactly how to do it!

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The Primal Video Method [PDF Guide]: https://primalvideo.com/the-primal-video-method

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– How To Edit Video (The Most Efficient Process!): https://youtu.be/Ouy0cpglrc8

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— Android Video Editing: Cyberlink PowerDirector Tutorial on Android —

Editing apps on Android smartphones and tablets have REALLY come a long way, and you can now get some great results right on your phone or tablet device.

We’ve tested a TON of apps, ranging from the simplest template-based apps that automatically generate videos from your footage, to full-blown editing solutions with timeline and multi-track support… After trying out so many options, we released a video running through the two apps we’d recommend to anyone looking to edit on Android (check it out here: https://youtu.be/LlJQAYi53OU).

One of those recommendations was Cyberlink PowerDirector for Android. It’s an awesome app for creating great content right on your Android phone or tablet – and in this video we run you through a Cyberlink PowerDirector Tutorial showing exactly how to use it!

This is not a full featured review and will not cover how to use every tool or feature in the PowerDirector app. We’ll be running through a full edit process end-to-end, covering everything you need to know to get you editing fast, and with great results, using your Android device.

NOTE: We’ll be following the Primal Video Method, the most efficient editing process to eliminate any rework or wasted time. We did a video on this a while back (here: https://youtu.be/Ouy0cpglrc8). If you haven’t seen it yet, you can also download the PDF guide to help you with your videos: https://primalvideo.com/the-primal-video-method.

— If you’re looking to take your Android video creation to the next level, you need to check out our COMPLETE Guide to Filming Professional Videos with Android: https://youtu.be/qoxihY5Buc8 —

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